Our Researchers

At the David Braley Primary Care Research Collaborative, our network of experts is working to answer questions important to primary care clinicians, patients and decision makers.

Please click on the researchers below to hear them speak about their work.

Gina Agarwal


Innovative community health programs

Keyna Bracken

Associate Professor

Training resilient physicians and addressing burnout

Lawrence Grierson

Associate Professor

Preparing learners for uncertainty

Dale Guenter

Associate Professor

Not just cures: wellness and quality of life

Michelle Howard

Associate Professor

Helping people with serious illnesses get the care they want

Fiona Kouyoumdjian

Assistant Professor

Improving the health of people who experience imprisonment

Matt Kwan

Adjunct Professor

Healthy, active lives for children and youth

Robin Lennox

Assistant Professor

Compassionate care in addiction medicine

Dee Mangin

Research Chair and Professor

Matching the burden of care and the capacity to benefit

Doug Oliver

Associate Professor

Defining health care by how we treat the most vulnerable

Tejal Patel

Associate Professor

Care from cradle-to-grave

David Price

Chair and Professor

Building stronger, more integrated systems of care

Cathy Risdon

Vice-Chair and Professor

Effective communication and relationships in healthcare

Henry Siu

Assistant Professor

Bringing clients wishes and values forward in long-term-care

Meredith Vanstone

Associate Professor

Addressing the “dark side” of medical education